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You're dog tired... but is your dog?

In order to be well behaved and mentally balanced, all dogs require consistent, predictable exercise and the chance to socialize with other dogs in a natural environment.  It's crucial for their physical and mental health.  A quick pee walk around the block when you are rushed for time before work, or thoroughly exhausted after work, just isn't enough.

Have you considered doggie daycare?  Some young dogs are happy at large public daycare centers, but there's very little mental stimulation.  They can be very loud and stressful with so many dog personalities squeezed together in a small space, and there are no natural smells or sounds.  And you usually have to handle drop off and pick up.  

Instead, send your dog for a long hike in the woods with a relaxed, confident handler and a small group of dogs who will become comfortable playmates.  They don't really form a "pack," they're more like a jolly crowd.  Just like people are more comfortable with their friends, dogs play hardest with others that they know well and can trust.  It helps a young dog relax, an adult dog be content, and keeps an older dog fit and supple. 

Pretty much all unwanted behaviors are fixed by exercise.  Even steady, well behaved dogs become more settled and confident when they have the chance to use more of their natural instincts and abilities.  I train as I need to, using positive reinforcement and "catching them doing something right."  You should see a huge difference. 

I'm Leslie Rawe and I've had dogs all of my life, plus a variety of other pets.  I've learned pack leadership through close observation of dog body language and behavior.  My Golden, Gillie, has been with me since a puppy and my Lab mix, Baildon, was rescued.  Based in Malden, MA. at the border of Melrose.

Serving MA towns of Winchester, Melrose, Stoneham, Malden, Everett, and Medford.

Fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Currently accepting new clients.

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