Hikes for Hounds - Woodland Walks, Boarding, Pet Sitting Services
I'll pick up your dog from your home in my wagon or minivan.  We go in all kinds of weather if it's comfortable for dogs and safe to drive.  We'll hike for 60-90 minutes, depending upon the route and weather. Fresh water and treats are brought along.  Sometimes we swim! Then your dog is toweled off and returned home ready for a nap.  Before leaving I make sure the water bowl is full and write you a note or text message about our trip.  Group size is limited to five dogs whom I carefully match for compatibility in play style whenever the dog's schedules permit to ensure all hikers have a fun and safe time and develop friendships.  All dogs must listen well, not be too independent, have great manners with other dogs and people, plus be current on vaccines and spayed/neutered.  Flea/tick treatments such as K9 Advantix are recommended.

Hikes run Monday through Friday and your dog will be away from home for roughly 3-4 hours.

Rate: $30.   

Leash Walk: If you prefer your dog to just have a mid day potty break, we'll take a 20-30 minute stroll in your neighborhood.  Walks are usually individual, but I will take groups of up to three to provide some social time when feasible.  Rate: $20

Overnight Boarding in My Home: If you need to be out of town, let your dog stay with someone he already knows and trusts, or soon will.  Your dog will go on long leashed walks to explore the neighborhood or woods, maybe swim in the nearby pond, plus have unlimited access to my fenced yard and relaxation with my two dogs.  It's much less stressful than a public doggy daycare or kennel.  My husband is in biotech and works from home, so your dog is rarely left alone.  Due to space constraints, this service is only available to dogs who will be calm and quiet inside the house, non-destructive, are not nuisance barkers, have great manners with other dogs, and are current on flea/tick treatments and vaccines with a negative fecal. 

Rate:  $60 per night  for one dog / $100 for two in the same household.  Please provide your dog's food and any special bedding.

Cats, etc.:  I will visit cats and other animals at your house to feed, play and scoop the poop.  I'll take in mail plus adjust lights and air conditioning or heat.  I have experience with cats, goldfish, freshwater tropical fish, turtles, tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters and horses. Rate: $20 / visit

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