Hikes for Hounds - Woodland Walks, Boarding, Pet Sitting Services
The first step in joining my "jolly crowd" is to send me an email or text with a description of your dog, your address, what services you are interested in, and the best time to reach you for an initial phone interview.  I will call to discuss your dog, his/her current routine, and what might suit you both best.  If hiking, you and your dog will join me for a free, introductory hike with my own two dogs where you can witness my methods and routine while I see what sort of hiker your dog is.

I cannot accept any aggressive dogs, non-neutered adults, or dogs who are either overly pushy or fearful on the hikes, but such dogs can have solo leash walks.

Dogs must be kept current on all vaccines such as rabies and distemper.  I strongly recommend Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine for dogs who are boarding at my home, hiking, or otherwise sharing water bowls and toys.  Hiking dogs should have Leptospirosis (for water-born bacteria) and Canine Borreliosis (Lyme disease).

I prefer K9-Advantix or Seresto collars over Frontline, Advantage or others as a flea and tick treatment due to it's repellant action and more gentle ingredients.   Frontline seems less affective in this area, according to my vet.

Email HikesForHounds@Hotmail.com
or text 781-475-2604 to get started.

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